My mission is to advance the wellness of adults by empowering, supporting and motivating them to improve their self-worth and achieve their desired goals.

I believe that everyone can live the life they want. We all have dreams, whether we know them, have thought about them, or have even planned them. But how many of us are living them? Where do you start?

There is information everywhere telling us how we can live life to its fullest, how we can improve our physical being with different foods and the latest exercise craze. We see the book that will change our life, and there are thousands of blogs full of advice.  Yet still, many of us can’t find what works for them, then infuse these to our lives to not only change our physical wellness, but our mental or psychological health and wellbeing.

As a life coach, I can provide a professional, objective, and supportive partnership to empower you and help to motivate you to discover what your desired outcome really is.  I can work with you to build your self-belief and find those nuggets of gold that you don’t see, set your goals and address any obstacles that are getting in the way of achieving these. 

You are capable of achieving your goals and I can help that happen!

As well as being a life coach, I am a Barre instructor (think mixture of Pilates, cardio, dance, stretching and plenty of fun!).  I believe in a holistic approach and think that a healthy mind and body go hand in hand.  I teach classes through Studio on Broadway in Papakura (www.studioonbroadway.nz) and can also be booked to run staff or group sessions in your workplace or in the studio in Papakura.

Research shows that when wellness initiatives are implemented in the workplace under a connected strategy, productivity increases and staff turnover decreases, and who doesn’t want to work with happier and healthier people?  Business should be investing in their employee’s growth, development and personal wellness, more than they are spending in corporate entertaining.  So, if you are interested in implementing or supplementing your workplace wellbeing strategy, contact me and we can figure out what suits you.

We are all on a wellness journey, and I would like to join you in yours, so you’re not doing it alone.

Please contact me to arrange a FREE consultation.  

Mel H x

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