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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is needed?

You don’t need to have flash barre and pilates equipment to do the classes. You need a chair or bench to act as your barre. Some weights (1-3kg), or drink bottles or cans of food. A Pilates ball if you have one, or you can use a rolled up towel, cushion, or child’s ball. In some classes a Theraband or magic circle is used, but throughout the class I will give you alternatives you can do.

Do I need to have a dance background?

No! It is not a ballet class. It is fun, it is movement and we use moves from a lot of disciplines: dance, yoga, aerobics and Pilates.

What if I am not fit?

You don’t have to be a certain fitness level to do the classes. There are a range of classes that work for different people, and I have even added classes that members have requested for injuries etc. I give ways to build up your fitness too, adding or building up to a move, increasing the tempo if you feel like it, and with the HIIT classes you can choose how many rounds you do. It really is about doing what feels good for your body.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! There is no contract or sign up period. If you do the 7 day free trial and it isn’t for you, cancel. If you do 14 months and life changes, cancel.

Do I need to have a fixed barre?

No. The barre I use from my home studio is not fixed, I cannot pull on it.This means everything I teach I KNOW can be done using your chair or bench.