I am a lover of energy, creativity, growth, learning, leadership and happiness.

Originally studying Psychology and Biology at University before embarking on a career in education, it seems I have come full circle and am linking all disciplines from my career to date; Psychology, Mentoring, Education and Dance & Movement.

I taught Jazz dancing from the age of 17, entering my students into national examinations. From this I gained a key eye for technique, and a real love for choreography, creativity and movement.

My career in Education gave me a strong sense of social justice, mentoring and coaching skills (which have been further developed along all of my roles), an ability to engage different people, and strong presentation and facilitation skills.

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 I have had plenty of experience in changing careers, before embarking on this venture I have been a dance teacher, a dance school owner, a secondary teacher, a Professional teaching fellow, an Executive Assistant and a Recruitment Manager. I believe change is a certainty and we need to learn to be resilient and develop ourselves to enable us to deal with change. It is important we identify our transferable skills, align this with our values and passions, and see which avenues we can explore.

I have always been an avid reader and love to write. You can check out my blog on this site.

My real passion though, has always been helping other people to realise their worth. To help people achieve goals, build their confidence and create success (whatever that looks like) with them.


BSc (Biology & Psychology), University of Auckland

PGDip Teaching (Secondary), University of Auckland

Dip LCC (Life Coaching), New Zealand Institue of Business Studies

Leadership Programme LP44, Institute for Strategic Leadership


– Blessed with an amazing family, including a beautiful daughter.

– Dogs. Animals are so good for the soul, and adopting rescue dogs is he best thing ever!

– League. Love this sport so much. A Roosters fan (since 1989), and staunch kiwi supporter.

– Music. Zeppelin, The Doors, Stevie, Fleetwood, Clapton, GnR, Hendrix, The Stones, Pink Floyd…I think you get the picture!

From Renee Peeni

As a working mother with 3 young children I often felt like I was always rushing, and had so much to do all of the time. During my life-coaching sessions with Melissa I started to realise that I was putting everything else first. Our sessions focussed a lot on discovering what is holding me back from feeling content in life. Much of it came down to self-esteem and learning to make time for myself. It is always going to be a work in progress for me, but I’m constantly learning and exploring ways to invest in myself and honour my truth. Melissa has supported me in everything that I’m learning. She has never pointed out flaws or instructed me to do anything, but instead has supported me in such a way that has really encouraged me to explore my own potential. I’m truly grateful for that.


From Anna

“I’ve done Barre with Mel for years and she made the transition to online classes seamless. Her online classes have the same enthusiastic and supportive energy, along with the intensity of workout we love about Barre. Mel provides great descriptions about what you should be doing with your body and where you should be feeling the work. I don’t miss in-studio classes as I get all the support and instruction I ever did in person but now I don’t have to rush around getting to a studio. Plus the before and after class chat with Mel and other participants is the same as it was in-person, which is a testament to Mel and the culture she fosters.”

From Geoffrey


As someone who had never taken a Pilates class, I was sceptical as to what the classes would offer me. Having taken several of Melissa’s classes I am so happy to have taken the plunge. I’m exercising areas that I didn’t know existed. My core is stronger that its ever been. Melissa is an awesome teacher, especially with beginners. In short, I can’t wait until the next class!

From Porsche Tiavale


 Social media is a weird and wonderful place at the best of times and when you’re searching for help it can be difficult to differentiate between genuine and otherwise. There are so many people and organisations advertising their coaching services I almost gave up on the idea all together. Luckily, I found Mel via Instagram. The aesthetics, content and intimate feel of her page compelled me to reach out, as well as the first session free. I was able to use that session to establish whether or not I was comfortable with her and vice versa I’m sure. I’m beyond grateful I took the leap and that Mel was so accommodating. I would strongly encourage anyone facing uncertainty or feeling overwhelmed by their circumstances to get in touch with Mel immediately. It’s an uncomfortable experience focusing so closely on yourself, but with Mel’s guidance the urge to run from the discomfort turns to intrigue. There are no words to describe the gratitude and warmth I feel for Mel and for all the wisdom, time and effort she has dedicated to our sessions. I can say with absolute certainty that her coaching is one of the best decisions I have made for myself; I recommend others do the same. Mel will challenge you to understand yourself, to use logic and practice to overcome fear and doubt. She has encouraged me to connect with myself through creativity and I could not have predicted what has come of it so far. Book that first session; you won’t regret it.