Social media is a weird and wonderful place at the best of times and when you’re searching for help it can be difficult to differentiate between genuine and otherwise. There are so many people and organisations advertising their coaching services I almost gave up on the idea all together. Luckily, I found Mel via Instagram. The aesthetics, content and intimate feel of her page compelled me to reach out, as well as the first session free. I was able to use that session to establish whether or not I was comfortable with her and vice versa I’m sure. I’m beyond grateful I took the leap and that Mel was so accommodating. I would strongly encourage anyone facing uncertainty or feeling overwhelmed by their circumstances to get in touch with Mel immediately. It’s an uncomfortable experience focusing so closely on yourself, but with Mel’s guidance the urge to run from the discomfort turns to intrigue. There are no words to describe the gratitude and warmth I feel for Mel and for all the wisdom, time and effort she has dedicated to our sessions. I can say with absolute certainty that her coaching is one of the best decisions I have made for myself; I recommend others do the same. Mel will challenge you to understand yourself, to use logic and practice to overcome fear and doubt. She has encouraged me to connect with myself through creativity and I could not have predicted what has come of it so far. Book that first session; you won’t regret it.

Porsche Tiavale

As a working mother with 3 young children I often felt like I was always rushing, and had so much to do all of the time. During my life-coaching sessions with Melissa I started to realise that I was putting everything else first. Our sessions focussed a lot on discovering what is holding me back from feeling content in life. Much of it came down to self-esteem and learning to make time for myself. It is always going to be a work in progress for me, but I’m constantly learning and exploring ways to invest in myself and honour my truth. Melissa has supported me in everything that I’m learning. She has never pointed out flaws or instructed me to do anything, but instead has supported me in such a way that has really encouraged me to explore my own potential. I’m truly grateful for that.

Renee Peeni

I had the opportunity to work with Melissa over nine months and can attest to the strategic and supportive direction she was able to provide.  She’s a big picture thinker but is able to translate opportunities on either an individual or team basis.  Melissa has a contagious personality, was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her if you’re wanting to get to the next level.



As someone who had never taken a Pilates class, I was sceptical as to what the classes would offer me. Having taken several of Melissa’s classes I am so happy to have taken the plunge. I’m exercising areas that I didn’t know existed. My core is stronger that its ever been. Melissa is an awesome teacher, especially with beginners. In short, I can’t wait until the next class!