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As a child I was active, I walked everywhere and was always involved in organised sport/activity; dance, hockey, sprinting, and long distance running. However, as I got older these gradually subsided, until exercise became something I scheduled in; it became a chore.

Looking back, I can see I was doing it for all the wrong reasons, which would explain why it came in spurts; six months with a personal trainer here, a few months doing cross fit there, a painful (on my joints and my soul) year running the streets, and a history of infrequently used gym memberships, and we may as well add in every other fad!

Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved exercise, and realise the physiological and mental benefits. I love pushing myself, the endorphins, the increased oxygen supply, the feeling of worked muscles, the social interactions, setting and achieving goals, and yes, even the sweat! The thing for me though, was having the wrong motivations meant that once the initial spark and newness wore off I was back to hunting the next thing ‘to work’.

What I learnt though, was that is wasn’t about the next thing ‘to work’ which really was code for how can I have abs, a thigh gap and toned arms, that society tells me is how a woman looks best, it is about what I enjoy, how I love to move! Once I really engaged in Pilates and Barre I rediscovered my love of movement, which I had in my youth with the sport and dance.

My focus is now on feeling good, enjoying the movement and the benefits exercise provides, the technique I am using, improving my posture, flexibility and overall fitness. This is a huge change from trying to lift more weight which often caused me pain and injury, beating someone else, or focusing on how I looked in a bikini.

With so many exercise options available today, I encourage everyone to try different things to find what works for you; Zumba, waka ama, cycling to work, hiking, joining your local sports club, yoga, aerobics, swimming, walking, running, cross fit, gym membership, or try my passion and give Barre and Pilates classes a go (contact me if you are interested)!

Let me know what movement you love!

Mel H